Transform your employees
into innovation experts
5 days | May 2018 | Antwerp


Kickstart your
startup cultures

During our 5-day innovation program, we teach your team how to kickstart your companies’ startup culture, bring them up to speed on the newest trends & methods in startup thinking and prepare them to develop new disruptive business cases.

7 Participating companies
5 Incredible Days

Our mission

your employees

Do you want your people to take initiative?
Do you want to stay ahead of competition?
Do you want to implement startup innovation skills?
Do you want energy, agility & competitivity?

During Wonderlabs, we kickstart your organization’s startup culture in just 5 days.

The 5 day program

create a disruptive
business case

Wonderlabs is no ordinary bootcamp filled with theoretical lessons, lists of honorable speakers and reference books. We believe in a hands-on approach, with company challenges to face & concrete results to achieve!

During the bootcamp, you will co-create your business case with our multidisciplinary team, specialised in: digital innovation & trends, entrepreneurial leadership, value discovery, service design, rapid prototyping, startup building, user testing & digital strategy.

Day 1

Introduction @ client’s office

Formulate your

Day 2

Session @ location

Brainstorm on
new business

Day 3

Bootcamp @ location

Choose 1 concept &
determine the value

Day 4

Bootcamp @ location

Create prototypes to
test the

Day 5

Bootcamp @ location

End with a
million dollar

20 Facilitators & makers

Practical information

Compose a team
of intrapreneurs

  • Each organization selects >3 multidisciplinary innovators to join the bootcamp + 1 executive promoter to back them.
  • The bootcamp itself will take place
    from: thursday 24 May '18 - 8 a.m.
    till: saturday 26 May '18 - 2 p.m.
  • To enable customized programs, a price of €4950 per innovator is asked, with a minimum of 3 participants per organization.

The organizations behind wonderlabs

Our passion is
to co-create

Wonderlabs is organized by a network of entrepreneurs on a mission to create meaningful companies and build outstanding innovation teams. This years’ edition is organized by:

100 New ideas & insights

What participators take home

practice beats

  • An inspiration deck on the newest trends
  • 25 new product ideas for your company
  • A fully prototyped new concept & a strategy to enter the market succesfully
  • A complete pitch deck + video
  • The knowledge to create and launch new products in one week

Organizations that participated before

I was a different
person then

80% of our participators uses the tools acquired during the program in their daily work approach.

50% changed their internal problem solving procedures radically.